Common data-modeling Python types
The idea of the basictypes package is to provide
types which provide enough metadata to allow an
application to use introspection to perform much
of the housekeeping required to create business

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Common data-modeling Python types
basic_types -- Stand-alone type-definition objects for basic data types
booleanfix -- Hack to provide Python 2.3-style boolean operation in 2.2
boundary -- Boundary objects for checking data values
bytes -- Simple class providing formatting of byte values (gigabytes, megabytes, etceteras)
callable -- Preliminary callable-object modelling classes
datatypedefinition -- Interface/base class for data type definitions
date_types -- Stand-alone type-definition objects for date-based data types
datemx_types -- mxDateTime-based date value-types
debug -- Logging facilities for basictypes
decimaldt -- Wrapper for Python 2.4 (which also works with 2.3) decimal datatype
domainname -- String sub-class representing a domain name
enumeration -- Simple Enumeration (choice-from-set) data-type
factory -- (preliminary) Model of a Factory Callable object
interfaces -- Interfaces for basictypes and basicproperty
latebind -- Module providing "late-binding" for type specifiers
list_types -- Restricted lists with base-datatype meta-type support
pythoninterfaces -- Core-python interface definitions
registry -- Mapping from core types/classes to stand-in DataTypeDefinitions
rlist -- Restrictive-List base class
typeunion -- Object representing functional union of two types
vfs (package) -- URL manipulation and object-oriented class hierarchy
wxtypes (package) -- wxPython data-type models

        __file__ = r'p:\properties\basictypes\__init__.pyc'
__name__ = 'basictypes'
__path__ = [r'p:\properties\basictypes']